Holme Trakehners Stallion Terms & Conditions.


Holme Park Kobalt = £500 + VAT = £600  Frozen only 

Holme Park Legend = £500 + VAT = £600 Frozen only

** Special offer 2023 per single dose for either Legend or Kobalt semen £200 + VAT + shipping from West Kington **


    1. Frozen Semen will be supplied for up to 3 consecutive seasons to the same mare.  If all 3 doses are despatched together they cannot be returned and any unused doses should be disposed of.
    2. Shipment will be direct from West Kington Stud their transport rates will apply (need to request shipping quote from West Kington – including container hire and return).
    3. Stud fee in full is payable in advance of receiving the first delivery of frozen semen.
    4. All inseminations must be carried out by a BEVA approved veterinary surgeon.

    5. The mare must be swabbed clean and be considered a good fertile prospect for frozen semen otherwise this method could prove costly and disappointing. In our experience, frozen semen is not as successful with older mares.
    6. NO REFUND AVAILABLE ON FROZEN SEMEN unless no straws are actually sent due to the mare not being ready.
    7. The covering certificate cannot be issued by Holme Park Stud until all the completed AI documentation has been returned by the inseminating Veterinary Surgeon and all invoices paid in full.

If you wish to book a nomination to either of our Stallions please return the Nomination form.  A scanned email copy of the completed form is acceptable.

Nomination Form – print version