Stallion Terms & Conditions


Holme Park Kobalt = £650 + VAT = £780  Frozen only

Holme Park Legend = £650 + VAT = £780 Frozen only

** Special offer 2020  Legend semen £400 inc VAT + shipping from West Kington **


    1. The Stud fee is payable prior to despatch of the first dose and includes a £100 non-refundable booking fee
    2. Please give as much notice as possible when semen is required and every effort will be taken to get semen to you ASAP.  We must receive notice before 10am to collect same day.
    3. Postage/Courier will be charged per shipment with a minimum charge of £35.
    4. There is no collection fee but a deposit of £30 will be charged for the shipping container.  This will be refunded once returned.
    5. No Foal Free Return (if mare certified barren by 1st October) NB. Free return carries forward for one year only (to the same mare). Alternatively, if mutually agreed, a 50% refund of the Stud fee less the £100 booking fee only can be given if the mare is barren at 1st October and you do not wish to try again.

    6. If a mare looses her foal after 1st October in the year in which she is covered we regret no Free Return or refund available.   We will however offer a 50% discount on stud fee for the next season.  It is the owners responsibility to check that all well with the pregnancy prior to 1st October and notify the stud asap if there is a problem.


    1. Frozen Semen will be supplied for up to 3 consecutive seasons to the same mare.
    2. Shipment will be direct from West Kington Stud their transport rates will apply.
    3. Stud fee in full is payable in advance of receiving the first delivery of frozen semen.
    4. All inseminations must be carried out by a BEVA approved veterinary surgeon.

    5. The mare must be swabbed clean and be considered a good fertile prospect for frozen semen otherwise this method could prove costly and disappointing. In our experience, frozen semen is not as successful with older mares.
    6. NO REFUND AVAILABLE ON FROZEN SEMEN unless no straws are actually sent due to the mare not being ready.
    7. The covering certificate cannot be issued by Holme Park Stud until all the completed AI documentation has been returned by the inseminating Veterinary Surgeon and all invoices paid in full.

If you wish to book a nomination to either of our Stallions please return the Nomination form.  If on a PC you can complete the online form

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Nomination Form – print version